Licensing of TÜV-Association standards

Individual purchase

Single documents

You are interested in a specific leaflet from the TÜV-Association standard catalogue? All leaflets can be purchased as individual sheets. You will receive a stamped copy for your personal use with your purchase.


All documents of one category

You are interested in an entire category of the TÜV-Association standards catalogue and want to be always up to date? You have the option to purchase all material, component test or information sheets in the respective category as a subscription and save money compared to purchasing them individually.

When you sign up for a subscription, you will receive all valid TÜV-Association documents of the selected category once. The documents will be made available to you within 2 to 3 working days after ordering.

Thereafter, you will automatically receive all new and updated documents for download in your customer account (PDF download) or sent to you (Paper version) - until cancelled.

The subscription delivery for

  • TÜV-Association Technical Leaflets will be provided immediately after publication,
  • TÜV-Association Material Leaflets will be provided quarterly,
  • TÜV-Association Type Test Leaflets will be provided monthly.

Costs for subsequent deliveries depend on their scope. You can cancel your subscription at any time with immediate effect. All you need to do is send a short message to

Your advantages at a glance:

  • You save money: With a subscription, you receive all the documents of a category at a lower price compared to individual purchases.
  • You don't have to worry about missing out on new documents or updates: You receive all new issues automatically.
  • You are always up to date - without any effort.



Single-user licence

For individual users only

Prices in our shop refer to single-user licences.
The purchase of electronic documents from the TÜV-Verband rules and regulations allows them to be stored locally for use at a single workstation by a single person and to be printed out once.

It is possible to purchase a licence on behalf of another person.

Multi-user licence

Several users in your intranet or company network

If you want to use our documents within a company with several people, you need a multi-user licence. The cost of a multi-user licence is calculated on the basis of the basic price of a document, the number of persons with access authorisation (user factor) and the number of simultaneous accesses permitted (simultaneous factor).

After purchasing a multi-user licence, our publications are stamped with the corresponding reference to the scope of the licence. They may then be made available to the respective number of persons via your company or organisation network.

Precisely define the scope of your licence: You can determine the scope of your individual multi-user licence yourself based on the two factors.

Simply contact TÜV Media — our sales partner will be happy to help you and provide you with a customised quote:

TÜV Media GmbH
Phone: +49 221 806-3512


Databases Online

SZW-ONLINE database

The TÜV Association database of suitability-tested welding consumables including archive access

TÜV-Association Welding Consumable Leaflets (SZW) contain specifications for suitability-tested welding consumables, filler metals and auxiliaries for joining. Our database for welding consumables offers you daily updated access to approx. 6.000 data sheets. The convenient search function allows you to find leaflets using the criteria leaflet number, manufacturer name, brand, powder brand, type of filler metal, testing organisation and change status. It is also possible to combine different criteria and select complete groups. The data sheets can be displayed on screen or also be printed out. After purchasing a licence we will contact and provide you with your access data for permanent access to SZW-ONLINE.

Licence scope

The user licence entitles a registered individual to access the database (named user licence). If the authorised user is not to be the person placing the order, please indicate this when ordering.

Licence period

After the initial purchase of database access, the user licence is automatically renewed for 3 months after the initial purchase. The quarterly licence fee is € 222.12 plus VAT.

The licence can be cancelled at any time with immediate effect via e-mail to:

Multi-user licences

Multi-user licences for the database of welding consumables are available on request by e-mail to Please indicate the desired number of users.