TÜV Association paperbacks


TR..- paperbacks offer a compact compilation of all relevant technical rules in a specialist area. In addition to the technical rules for operational safety, they also contain all other laws and regulations relevant to the respective area.

When it comes to lift operation, safety takes absolute priority. The paperback issue of the “Technical Rules for Lifts 2015“ bundles the necessary safety-relevant laws and regulations (Product Safety Act, German Regulation on Industrial Safety, Lift Directive, Machinery Directive, Recommendation of the EU Commission concerning improvement of safety of existing lifts). The current Technical Rules for Lifts (TRA) were amended by the relevant Technical Rules for Industrial Safety and Health (TRBS). The content is completed by the original texts of safety-relevant directives for lifts (SR) and also by the relevant DIN-EN standards.

Containing all the relevant technical rules, this paperback provides a comprehensive source of information for the proper installation of steam boilers. In addition to the safety-relevant requirements on materials, manufacturing, calculation, equipment, installation, inspection and operation of the equipment, this issue contains the agreements between the relevant associations with regard to specific themes. The printed Technical Rules for Steam Boilers correspond to the status of December 2002, the applicable statutory regulations reflect the status in March 2010. This publication includes: Pressure Equipment Directive, 14th GPSGV (concerning placing of simple pressure vessels on the market), GPSG (German Equipment and Product Safety Act), DampfkV (German Steam Boiler Regulation); BetrSichV (German Regulation on Industrial Safety), TRBS (Technical Rules on Industrial Safety and Health), TRD (Technical Rules for Steam Boilers), DDA (German Steam Boiler Committee), Agreements of Industrial Federations, VdTÜV.

The Technical Rules for Flammable Liquids (TRbF) display the status of the safety-relevant requirements on the materials, manufacturing, calculation, equipment, installation, inspection and also for the operation of plants for storage, filling and transportation of flammable liquids. The paperback edition is a reduced version of the loose-leaf edition on the subject of the TRbF Code published by VdTÜV, complemented by the relevant Technical Rules on Industrial Safety and Health (TRBS).

The Technical Rules for Pipeline Installations (TRFL) apply to the installation, operation, modification and testing of pipelines in accordance with arts. 20 ff. of the German Environmental Impacts Assessment Act (UVPG) in association with the German Pipeline Regulation (RohrFLtgV). In view of the new German Water Resources Management Act and its consequences for the Pipeline Regulation, the TRFL have been revised. Therefore, the content of this paperback edition corresponds to the current state of technology (2010). It provides an excerpt of the German Environmental Impacts Assessment Act, the German Pipeline Regulation Act, the German Regulation on Industrial Safety and the complete text of the Technical Rules for Pipeline Installations. The documents are reduced to A5 format keeping the original layout.

With the introduction of new fuels, it is necessary for petrol station operators to offer fuels made from renewable raw materials as well as gaseous fuels in addition to petroleum-based fuels. This results in new requirements for operators, which must be taken into account when planning, constructing and inspecting petrol stations. Petrol stations as facilities for the dispensing of fuels are subject to numerous legal regulations in the following areas: Soil and water protection, immission control, protection of employees and third parties. For the first time, this manual summarises all regulations relating to the dispensing of fuels for petrol stations, including the associated technical regulations, in a standardised publication.