TÜV-Verband - Material Leaflets

The TÜV-Verband Material Leaflets are abbreviated versions of the material reports agreed by the TÜV-Verband expert committee in accordance with the Technical Rules for Installations requiring Inspection (e. g. TRD, TRB, AD/AD 2000 data sheets, TRG, TRbF, KTA).
They are drawn up and updated by a TÜV Association working group in cooperation with the relevant associations and our member companies. The chemical compositions, strength values and, where applicable, processing instructions are specified. The TÜV Association Material Leaflets or the corresponding Supplement (or Beiblatt) contain a list of international manufacturers approved to produce the respective material as well as the limits of application.


Name WB 000; Abonnement Werkstoffblätter
No. WB 000
Version 2024-04-02
Subject area Werkstoffe / Schweißtechnik
Description Mit unseren Abos immer auf dem neuesten Stand: Das Abo beinhaltet die einmalige Lieferung aller gültigen Blätter dieser Kategorie sowie Updates bei Neuerscheinungen und Aktualisierungen.
Pages 2006
Languages ger
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